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Environmental Stewardship

Managing Our Precious Resources

At JBS USA and Pilgrim’s® we recognize that our business is only possible due to the precious natural resources provided by our planet. We are proud to play a role in the most modern, efficient, safest and globally-disbursed food system in the history of mankind and we are mindful of the tremendous obligation that comes with that role. As such, environmental stewardship is a key pillar in our sustainability approach to responsibly meeting the needs of today, while empowering future generations to responsibly meet their needs tomorrow.

From the water and land required to safely and humanely raise our cattle, pigs, and chickens; to the mechanical and human energy required to produce and distribute food products to families around the globe; to reclaiming water used in our facilities to place back into aquifers for further use; we understand the importance of being good stewards of everything we touch. We embrace our responsibility to care for an environment that belongs to so many.

At JBS USA and Pilgrim’s, how we leave the planet in a better condition than which we found it is at the heart of each environmental, economic and social decision we make.

Our Environmental Policy Statements