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Supply Chain

Open dialogue between suppliers and JBS USA is the conduit for ensuring and maintaining the lives of the pigs and sheep in our supply chain. JBS USA verifies the producers’ commitment to animal welfare through a variety of methods. All company-owned and contract pig farms supplying JBS USA participate in the PQA Plus Program administered by the National Pork Board and have been site-assessed through this program. Additionally, JBS USA has embarked upon a new program to validate compliance with JBS USA standards for animal welfare within the pig supply chain.

JBS USA has worked closely with several partners to enhance animal care, including Validus, an ISO 9001-2008 certified organization and PAACO (Professional Animal Auditor Certification Organization) trained auditors.

Importantly, JBS USA participates in the National Pork Board’s Common Industry Audit , a PAACO certified, common swine industry platform for producers, packers and processors that provides consumers with greater assurances regarding animal wellbeing and food safety practices. JBS USA will randomly select pig suppliers to participate in this audit. The information gleaned from on-farm visits will not only serve as verification of best management practices and employee training but it will be a tool for JBS USA to provide feedback to all farms for continuous improvement in animal welfare programs.


There is an Animal Welfare Team at each pork facility comprised of Team Members from quality assurance, operations and procurement that ensure that the policies and procedures required by the Animal Welfare Policy are being correctly implemented and followed at all times.

Each pork plant has a PAACO-trained livestock handling specialist who oversees the welfare programs and works closely with quality assurance and operations teams. JBS USA has implemented a robust, systematic approach to humane handling at the pork and lamb processing facilities (per USDA-FSIS Directive 6900.2). These programs involve initial assessment of the facility to subsequently design and implement practices that ensure low-stress animal movement. These practices are evaluated daily to verify effectiveness and foster an environment of continued improvement.

Quality assurance personnel at the JBS USA plants conduct daily audits to verify adherence to NAMI (North American Meat Institute) Animal Handling Guidelines. JBS USA is committed to meeting or exceeding governmental and industry-wide standards for humane animal handling. Additionally, the QA team verifies producer compliance with PQA Plus certification and transporter compliance with the National Pork Board’s TQA (Transport Quality Assurance) program.

JBS USA has partnered with Arrowsight, a remote video auditing firm, to install cameras in the animal handling areas of the pig plants. This program complements the existing animal welfare program. JBS USA uses this technology to enhance the training programs and to develop and improve animal handling skills in all of the JBS USA pork plants.

"At JBS USA, animal welfare is a fundamental part of our business. We use a systematic approach coupled with standard operating procedures to ensure that pigs coming to our facilities are treated with respect and in accordance to JBS USA procedures, as well as all regulatory standards."

– Tim Goodmann, Pork Quality Assurance