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Materiality Analysis

At JBS USA, we recognize that sustainability is a holistic discipline that incorporates our financial performance (Economics), our social obligations to suppliers, customers, and consumers (Social & Product Responsibility), our relationships with our team members and the communities in which we live and work (Social) and our efforts to responsibly marshal the finite natural resources critical to the success of our business (Environmental).

In short, there is no element of our business that is not touched by sustainability. Given the broad range of issues that can impact our long-term success, JBS USA performed a materiality analysis to help prioritize our efforts in this critical area.

Explore the Issues

JBS USA, in partnership with BASF®, conducted an exhaustive materiality analysis that included interviews with senior JBS USA & Pilgrim’s® personnel and more than 100 critical stakeholders, including government officials, financial institutions, civil society, key customers and suppliers. Hover over each colored dot on the graph to reveal the 21 issues important to the long-term success of our business.