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An Essential Link in the Food Chain

JBS® USA has nine beef plants in the United States and one in Canada. Nine out of the 10 beef plants include rendering facilities. Each of our facilities processes bleachable fancy tallow and meat and bone meal.

Two of our facilities – Cactus, TX, and Hyrum, UT – produce edible tallow, which is used in the production of various feeds, oleo chemicals, bio-diesel and pet food products.

Grand Island, NE, and Greeley, CO, produce technical tallow and Green Bay, WI, and Omaha, NE, sell whole blood. In addition to our work at our beef facilities, we directly support our cattle feedlots and Pilgrim's operations. JBS Pork and Pilgrim’s® also have rendering capabilities at their facilities.

JBS USA also has a full rendering facility, MOPAC®, located in eastern Pennsylvania. MOPAC is one of the largest renderers on the East Coast, with more than 125 years of industry experience.

Rendering is


Rendered products are ingredients in pet and livestock feed, bio fuel, fertilizer, soaps, lubricants, detergents and more, ensuring that we efficiently maximize the use of every ingredient.