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Swift Premium Natural Pork

Swift Premium Natural Pork is simply pork, the way nature intended. With an all-encompassing program that begins with our producers, the success of our Swift Premium Natural Pork in your store is certain. Producers must meet specific production, facility, nutrition, and genetic requirements. Our hogs are selected for quality traits such as tenderness, juiciness, and flavor and only the best make it into the program and on to you.

Products Available

  • Bone In Loins
  • Bone In Loins, 3/7 Rib Centers
  • Shoulder Ends
  • Sirloins Ends
  • Boneless Loins, Strap On
  • Boneless Loins, Strap Off
  • Boneless Half Loins, Strap On
  • Boneless Half Loins, Strap Off
  • Tenderloins
  • Sirloins
  • Loin Backribs
  • BBQ Style Spareribs
  • St. Louis Style Spareribs
  • Inside Ham Muscles
  • Outside Ham Muscles
  • Eye of the Ham
  • BRT Hams
  • Steak Ready Butts
  • Boneless Butts
  • Bone In Picnics
  • Picnic Cushions

100 Percent

All Natural

Minimally processed, maximum flavor.