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Case Ready

JBS® Case Ready offers customers a wide range of consumer-ready beef, pork and poultry product options. With case ready beef and pork facilities in Lenoir, North Carolina and Riverside, California, JBS holds the case ready solution for your business needs. Our beef, ground beef, pork and beef offal case ready products offer consistency, quality, innovative packaging and custom-fit solutions.

Pilgrim’s® also provides high-quality poultry case ready solutions to customers and has facilities in Guntersville, Alabama, Gainesville, Georgia, De Queen, Arkansas, and Live Oak, Florida. To see more about Pilgrim’s, please visit

Disciplined Growth, Strategic Partnerships

JBS has an unwavering commitment to grow our case ready business to meet the needs of our strategic partners. In 2014, we took several steps to increase our presence in this strategic area. We launched a case ready offal and whole muscle cut room in Cactus, TX, to complement our case ready beef offerings in Plainwell, MI, Tolleson, AZ, Souderton, PA, Green Bay, WI, and Grand Island, NE. In addition, we assumed full operation of the Alex Lee case ready fresh meat processing facility in Lenoir, NC, and acquired the Fresh & Easy case ready meat facility in Riverside, CA. Focused on product innovation, sales growth and customer alignment, JBS has quickly become a leader in fresh meat case ready products.

"Retail Ready fresh beef and pork products provide consumers with the highest quality meat options. Our network of Retail Ready meat plants are well positioned to deliver the type and style of fresh products your business requires."

- Brian Piedmonte, Head, Case Ready