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Livestock Producers

At JBS® we believe that great beef and pork begins with high-quality cattle and hogs. We are proud to purchase cattle and hogs from suppliers who are committed to the highest standards of animal husbandry and environmental practices. We purchase livestock from a variety of family farmers and local suppliers, both large and small. We welcome new suppliers and invite you to contact your local cattle or hog buyer today.

Buying Local

Our beef and pork production facilities are strategically located in areas where livestock are raised, enabling us to purchase locally, decrease our carbon footprint and contribute to the economic success of rural communities across the United States. Each day, our livestock purchases contribute millions of dollars to American rural economies and promote the economic viability of the surrounding communities where we live and work.



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For forward contracting with our facilities in Tolleson, AZ, Omaha, NE, Green Bay, WI, Plainwell, MI or Souderton, PA, please contact Larry Rose or JT Loewe.